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Our goal is to deliver supercar owners the inimitable driving experience only manual transmissions can achieve by supplying installation partners high quality conversion kits.

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Modifications made to Ferrari vehicles which have not been made by Ferrari or with Ferrari's consent, have no assurances as to the modifications, including with respect to local homologation laws.

Gated Six is not an authorized or affiliated partner (contractual or otherwise) of Ferrari.

Ferrari does not make any guarantees as to the certification or other regulatory compliance of any vehicles modified by Gated Six or Gated Six parts.

In the event of a vehicle modification or repair by Gated Six or Gated Six parts, assistance or repair by an authorized Ferrari dealer, technician, or other agent, is not guaranteed.

No modified vehicle will be allowed to participate in any official Ferrari events.

Ferrari takes no responsibility for any modifications, repairs, damage, and/or liabilities resulting from the products or services provided by Gated Six.